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Wallpaper meme

+ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
+ Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
+ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.
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How to train your dragon

-Oh my lord, cutest film I have seen since Up.
I mean that in the best way possible. It was a really good adaptation, the books were hilarious and the film was also great, an animated kid's film with sweet dragons that also had fucking enormous dragons and explosions. My favourite kind of kid's film.
-Also, bonus, the adult Vikings were all Scottish, which meant that the Viking father was Gerard freaking Butler (which I called the moment he opened his mouth) and said father's best friend was Craig Ferguson.
The adult Vikings were all totally hardcore and the kid Vikings, played by Americans, were all kind of pussies, so maybe that's why. They just think Scottish accents are more tough, or something. Which they kind of are.
-One of the Viking kids greatly entertained me because he was sort of like a modern gaming nerd...whenever they saw a new kind of dragon he would mutter stats like 'Firepower 84, range 16,' or whatever. Which was entertaining.
-And that's pretty much my thoughts on the film. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't already seen it.
Pip pip,

Colour meme

Comment if you'd like a colour.
Then list ten things that you like/love which are that colour.

atomic89 gave me brown....
And now I must list ten things that are brown that I like.
This could just turn into a list of chocolate things I like.

1. Snickers bars. Mmm.
2. My dog, Tui, brown bearded collie.
3. Cake. More specifically, the chocolate cake I make when I have a lot of time on my hands.
4. While I'm on the subject, brownies. I love brownies.
5. Browncoats!
6. Clare's hair is pretty fantastic.
7. I like my Zara jacket. Which is brown.
8. Falafel is tasty.
9. Brown shoes? Yes, I am aware that this is getting a little ridiculous, but brown is a tricky colour when you decide to try to factor in things other than chocolate.
10. That said, generally, just chocolate...

If anyone wants a colour, feel free to comment.


It's been a while, but...

Ok, I haven't made a news story post for ever and it's actually the morning here and I usually don't post in the morning, but I HAD to share this one.

Men on the run dress up as sheep to evade capture

The title pretty much says it all. These two Argentinians were jailed for robbery and they broke out of their maximum security prison. They knew that the police force would be hunting them down, so what do they do? They went and got hold of some sheepskins, like, heads and everything, and found a flock of sheep, and have been crawling around pretending to actually be sheep.

Now, I think they know that they are in this flock because they were spotted running across the field by locals, but now they are in with thousands of sheep. And the police aren't sure that they will be able to sort out all the sheep in time to catch them.

Who else thinks that this is GENIUS?

I mean...Stealing cars and getting in car chases and gunfights like they do in films when people break out of jail is getting old. I want to see THIS in a film. It would be brilliant. They could make it an animated short! Y/Y?

Pip pip,

(OMG! The emoticon for giddy is a little winking face! I will so use this mood more often!)

Duke of Edinburgh tomorrow...fuck...

I have to go on my Silver Final expedition tomorrow...three days of walking and camping...with my massive rucksack...fuck...
Also, I think Susannah has my water bottle. Grr. She better get home soon, or I won't know for sure.
I've packed everything except my food and my toothbrush. But I will have room, because I have packed this rucksack many times. And tomorrow I have to wake up at 6, eat, dress, brush my teeth and get out the house, get to school, get on the coach, get there and get walking.
With a recently infected ingrown toenail.
Oh, and my group are four people I don't really know.
And I'm going to be filming it. The camera will be my only technology, as we're not allowed phones or mp3 players.
This will be fun.
I will be checking in in three days when I am back, hopefully without any life-threatening injuries.

Pip pip,



Ok, so I only just realised that I forgot to post these to my journal *fail* but I made some icons. For whedonland. And they're quite basic but I'm just squeeful that I have found a way to make my own icons. Soon I will also probably post the Enver Gjokaj icons I made, but I can't be bothered right now.

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º reply to this post, and i will pick six of your current user-icons.
º then make a post in your journal (including the meme info) and talk about the icons i picked. tell us what you like about them, and why you currently have them uploaded.
º other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
º this will then create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

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Hey people! Join whedonland, awesome community for Joss Whedon fans where you get to participate in team challenges for points!

This post may be a little redundant since I'm pretty sure most of my flist are already members of it, but whatever, if you do decide to join mention me in the join up info. ;)

Pip pip,
Below, I am going to try and explain the reasons that made me a rayne shipper. I know many people don’t understand this ship, but I am going to try anyway, not least because I think that the fanfiction written for this pair is some of the best in the fandom. Here goes, and as it’s me, it’s a list.

1. They are both unattached; Jayne’s most romantic relationship is based on a ‘business arrangement,’ and River’s isolation means that she is very unlikely to have had any kind of romantic attachment. It is unlikely that either would seek out a conventional relationship.
2. They are both deadly, but in complementary ways: River is all finesse and Jayne is brawn. You can have opposites attract and enough similarities to have common ground. This also means that they are on relatively level footing, and neither will be scared of the other, as ordinary people well might.
3. You might argue that River’s intelligence compared to Jayne’s open admission of disinterest in ‘schoolin’’ could be a problem in their relationship. However, I would argue that Jayne has a different kind of intelligence to River; his street smarts are shown repeatedly in episodes of Firefly, for example in Ariel when he gets hold of uniforms and ID badges for the hospital break-in. They can both contribute equally to the different kinds of intelligence needed to sustain a relationship in the dangerous environment they live in.
4. River is never going to find it easy to have a relationship, as she is constantly bombarded with people’s thoughts and words and emotions all contradicting each other. Someone as straightforward, blunt, rude and frankly not that book smart as Jayne might be quite refreshing for River. Just look at the example of a similar situation in Buffy; Cordelia’s mind reflects exactly what she says, which is far less confusing than, say, Oz’s inner monologue.
5. Finally, although there is obviously no real canon I can draw on for evidence of a relationship between River and Jayne, I can cling to the moments unearthed by us legions of rayne shippers. Their constant banter and River’s teasing - ‘Jayne is a girl’s name’. Their equal amusement when Simon messes up. Their honesty and isolation.

Copper for a kiss?

BB art post

This is the artwork I did for 'Memories of the Soul,' a Jossverse Big Bang fic by penikitty. If you are fans of Dollhouse you should definitely head over to jossverse_bb to check it out when it is posted tomorrow, because it's an enjoyable read. I may edit the post to give the direct link once it's up.

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